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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Now it's official

This is after my white coat ceremony. The day it became official. We can't wait for the next phase...residency. Posted by Picasa

Camping at Anthony's Creek, WV

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Martin's Cove and Independence Rock, WY

The following pictures are from our vacation to an important pioneer memorial called Martin's Cove. It's in Wyoming. As "the saints" crossed the plains pulling handcarts some of them became stuck in an early winter here. There is a feeling about this place that is indescribable. The tenacity and faith that these early pioneers demonstrated is inspiring.

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Younger in Utah

These are from our first apartment in Provo, UT. John was born while we lived there. I was a premed student at Brigham Young University. I studied philosophy. Jennifer also graduated from BYU with a major in nutrition. She supported us for a couple of years before John was born.

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These were sent to us by Corporal Jonathan Alexander. He is in Iraq he was previously deployed to Afghanistan. We are super proud of him.
We feel really deeply that this "war on terror" is just as important as the war against Hitler's Nazi regime was. Posted by Picasa

Sandstone Falls, WV

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Grist Mill, WV

These pictures are from a place in WV called Grist Mill. We went up there with our friends the Jensen's. This place really delivers and the park is also open in the summer. There is a lake as well, but it was closed when we were there. This is why they call it "almost heaven." Posted by Picasa

Train ride in Salt Lake with the kiddies

While we were in Salt Lake for Christmas we took the John and Lila, and Adah and David on a train ride and then to the museum of Church History. The church had a beautiful display of Rembrandt etchings and we had the opportunity to watch a movie about the modern prophet Joseph Smith. Above: Adah, David, and John. Below: Jennie, and Lila

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Overlook with the family

Chris and Alicia Jensen took us on a wild goose chase after a masonic text that someone purportedly had in McDowell county which is the "heart" of WV. When people outside of WV think of WV they think of McDowell county. I will not elaborate further due to the fact that we still live in this beautiful state. Posted by Picasa