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Sunday, June 14, 2009

In the Summertime

Congrats to John on straight A's all year! Now it's on to 2nd grade! His reading teacher, Ms. Bagley, prepared an end-of-year presentation, a reading restaurant. Each of the children prepared a menu featuring an "appetizer" book, a "main dish" book, and a "desert" book, which was one they wrote and illustrated themselves.

He also got to go to "Camp Invention". He's said for a long time that he wants to be an inventor someday. The camp was one week of creating, exploring, and playing. One of his best buddies, Raymond, also signed up.


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Anniversary Camping Trip

Brazos Bend State Park--We've been wanting to come see the alligators!
We couldn't believe all the wildlife we saw when we got there. When we came in at night, we saw dozens of raccons, several armadillos, a few deer and opossoms. And the fireflies were like Christmas lights. We tried to cook hot dogs while the nearly fearless raccoons raided our camp, trying to scare us away from our food. The next day, we saw turtles, bunnies, tons of squirrels, and twenty or so alligators (before we stopped counting). It was a fun, memorable trip.

Don't get your toes snapped off, John!

Guys, leave the poor turtle alone.

Baby alligators in the nature center. They also had live snakes, a tarantula, turtles, spiders (tarantula, brown recluse, and black widow). There were a lot of things to touch and look at.

Having fun swinging on the vines. Let's get some of these at home!

We'll be back!