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Friday, May 29, 2009

Celebrating Eight Years!

I made a cheesy little video slideshow for our anniversary. It's simple, but I love slideshows and I love thinking about all of our memories. I know I couldn't really be happy without my Richard.
(I hope this works:)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Field Trips

Lila went to the county fair and saw pigs, cows, and sheep. Mom got to go, too. I liked the petting zoo at the county fair: they had a tortoise, a zebra, and camel, and a kangaroo, but Lila wouldn't let me put her down. She's getting much braver, but she's had a fear of animals since she was a few months old. Another field trip this year was going to the historic Opera House in Galveston where we saw the play, Puss in Boots (with an 'honesty' twist). The play was a little freaky, but it was great how they had the miller's son tell the truth instead of winning the princess with a bunch of lies. Little Lila gets so excited about things. She is full of smiles and jokes. Preschool is over for her now and she misses her friends and teachers.

John's class went to the aquarium in Galveston at Moody Gardens. It was impressive. John was doing a report on sharks at the time and we saw five or six different kinds of sharks. There were also four kinds of penguins. His friends here are Draven and Ryler. Again, I got to go on this fun field trip. We also saw a 3-D IMAX film on Whales and Dolphins. As a side note, John made an "educational" board game called "Shark Attack" as part of his report on sharks, which was very cool and fun to play.