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Monday, April 10, 2006

School Daze

One of my brothers is going to school at U.C. Berkley. He teaches an undergraduate chemistry course there. Last week I recieved the following email.

Marcus's email to me:

"I just got this from a student of mine. I do hope he is okay. But rules are rules and the assignment is very late . . .Marcus"

A Student's email to him:

"Marcus, I was on a roll - typing out the lab last night and the plan was to finish it (of course) and give it to you during your office hours today. However, during the period of last night I sustained a major skull injury where I fractured myupper and lower jaws, pushed my bottom front 3 teeth backwards into my gum, mangled one top tooth and knocked two others completely loose one of which was hanging on by gum and had to be removed permantently. I spent getting work done at the hospital and at a qualified dentist's office and came back to Berkeley at 4:30am. So, my apologies but I still don't have the lab for you. I want to give it to you tomorrow but I have an oral surgiens appointment at 11:30 to further evaluate the situation and immediate patchwork that was done last night. So, will you be in lecture on Friday so I can give you the lab? Alex"

My response to Marcus's decision:
"I guess he’ll have to work harder the next time he takes your course."

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Fred said...

Love your blog. Great to read about what is going on. We put a link on our blog to yours. We miss you guys. See you soon. Hope John's finger is better.