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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Settling In

I don't have any new pictures of life in San Antonio yet, but we are in our new home and Richard has officially begun his residency, although he's worked a mere 16 hours while most of his friends work call and have more than 50 already. Rich has clinic for the first few weeks before he has to move into the more demanding schedule. He was off for the fourth and fifth, which was very nice. The movers will finally bring all our stuff tomorrow.
Happy Independency Day! We have never seen so many fireworks on the fourth as we saw yesterday! These Texans really love fireworks! (unlike Lila). We went to some friends' house, the Loveridges, for a Barbecue. It was great fun and was great food! They had a pinata and fireworks. It rained most of the day before that and the high was 82. It's been raining for three weeks here, really. And it's very often so heavy that they start closing down roads for flooding. Crazy.
We're in love with Sea World and have been there several times. We can't wait to have people visit us.


Mark said...
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hollyollie said...

Congratulations on your new house! I hope all your stuff made it okay. Rich, what's it like being a real doctor?

Taylor & Marisha said...


I stole entrance to your blog off of Josh and Annie. How is San Antonio? Taylor and I are loving Denver. The pictures of the kids are so cute. is it being a doctor?

Emma said...

So good to hear from you guys via the blog. I have a friend named Lenna Loveridge, I wonder if they are related? Can't wait to come and visit. Sounds like it has been nice in Texas.