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Monday, February 25, 2008

Ice and Roses

I don't know if anyone checks our blog anymore since it's been hybernating through the winter. Spring is in full bloom here in San Antonio now, it's been 90 degrees the last two days.

We went swimming in one of the few indoor public pools in San Antonio in January. The first two pictures are of us climbing the huge inflatable iceburg. That was super fun, but too tall and scary for John.

The other pictures are of our charming valentines day. I had planned on cooking Italian that night and having dinner for two while the kids watched a movie upstairs. We ended up eating Dominoes pizza on a plastic tablecloth in the living room with eight kids. As you can see in the pictures, we also had two sinks piled full of dirty dishes and everything that could be out of place or dirty was in our kitchen. Nevertheless, it was very memorable and there was lots of love.

The dishes are having a harder time getting us to wash them as Richard and I are both working now. I started full-time with a real-estate listing service company called Xceligent, working as their San Antonio field researcher. I enjoy it. It's fun to drive around (in their company car) and see all the places in the city. I like how it's so flexible, I put in the hours whenever I can and don't have to be at work by a certain time in the morning or deal with difficult co-workers. Lila comes with me some days and some days she stays with Karen (neighbor). Karen's kids still come to our house two days a week after school until 8. I am so glad that we can be here to help each other out. The Air Force has given Rich a job to keep him busy until his release on March 18th, but it's pretty flexible, too. He gets news of where his next residency will be on March 18th also. We may still be here for that or we may be in Utah. We'd be happy either way.


Marcus said...

So fun you guys. I love to hear what you're up to.

crazydaisy said...

I, actually, have checked your blog DAILY since you sent me the link! I love hearing about your family adventures... And dinners.... and and and!

Jim and Lori Olson said...

It sounds like you are keeping busy. I also check your blog about every week or so. I am looking forward to hearing about Richard's Residency.

Becca said...

It was fun for me to see what's going on with your cute family too. Good luck with residency and I can't wait to hear where you guys will be. We love you guys!!!

Becca said...

Hey our blog address is, just wanted to let you know!!Love ya!

Ohio Rasmussens said... are BACK!! I have been wanting to see what has been going on with you guys. 17 days til match day! Can you believe it? We'll be anxiously awaiting with you guys!