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Monday, September 01, 2008

First Day of !st Grade

John was very brave and friendly on his first day of school. His teacher is Ms. Matthews, who has over 30 years of teaching experience. She is very motherly and gives good hugs.

After just two days, he was ready to ditch the uniform and wear his favorite clothes again. Yea, we understand. He also misses his old school and his friends in San Antonio. Changes are hard. He misses being at home with Mom and Lila and all his favorite toys.

There are 22 other kids in his class. They have class from 7:45 to 3:15.
You'll be great, John! Go Parker Pelicans!


Emma said...

Go John! Looks like you have a great teacher. You are such a smart and fun kiddo.

Kristen said...

John's in school for an hour longer than Josh is.
The picture of Lila & John is adorable! :)
Thanks for sharing!
Josh & Cody are viewing your blog w/ me.
We all miss you guys & wish you the BEST!