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Friday, November 07, 2008

Two months later...

We are getting ready to head back to Galveston in a week. We will have been staying with the Loveridges for a whole two months. They feel like family now. Thank you, Loveridge family, for making room for us, moving around your beds and clothes and expanding the kitchen table. Thanks for helping us get our stuff from Galveston and clean it. Thanks Alisha for helping me find a new car and new furniture at yard sales, and for helping me scan all my damp pictures and papers, helping me with sewing projects, and many other things. Thanks for making us feel at home and sharing everything with us so easily. It was so fun and memorable to share this time with you. Thanks to so many people in the Loveridges' ward and also people in the 6th ward and many other friends for their help and to the missionaries who came and helped, and also to family members in Utah.

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The Moving Circus said...

we miss you guys!!!!