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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Family on my mind

We are all happy and comfortable. Here's John and Lila in their bunk bed, one of two pieces of furniture we saved. We'll never again take for granted a place of our own where we can stay for more than a few months at a time. These kids are getting to be so big and so smart! John is turning seven next month and Lila will be in Kindergarten next year.

This little guy is a rare specimen from a planet in the AB-76Y Galaxy. We named him Apollo and tried to make him feel at home.

This next specimen, sitting by John, is named Tristan, and he is from the planet called 2nd grade. I think he wants us to adopt him. He comes over to play almost every day and likes his picture taken.

I have more pictures, but I need to get another kind of cord. I think this picture is cute of little Lila. Picture caption, "Mom, am I so so pretty?" In preschool, she really sticks close to all the other little girls and the little boys seem invisible. She makes little cards for her friends and talks about them and what clothes they wear and who is the prettiest girl in class. She has her favorite outfits and wants her hair a certain way.

This picture is especially for Grandma and Grandpa Alexander who gave her the furniture and dolls for this house. The furniture can light up, talk, change views, etc. It's so cute.


Becca said...

Jennie, your kids are getting so grown up!! What a beautiful family you have! I'm happy that you guys are back home and are doing well!! You've been in our prayers these past months. Love you guys!

Louise Christine Donaldson said...

I love these pictures. Lila is so cute she kills me. It sounds like things are getting a little more back to normal since the hurricane! I miss you guys but love hearing about Apollo and everything. You are such a great mom Jennie! Love you.