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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Anniversary Camping Trip

Brazos Bend State Park--We've been wanting to come see the alligators!
We couldn't believe all the wildlife we saw when we got there. When we came in at night, we saw dozens of raccons, several armadillos, a few deer and opossoms. And the fireflies were like Christmas lights. We tried to cook hot dogs while the nearly fearless raccoons raided our camp, trying to scare us away from our food. The next day, we saw turtles, bunnies, tons of squirrels, and twenty or so alligators (before we stopped counting). It was a fun, memorable trip.

Don't get your toes snapped off, John!

Guys, leave the poor turtle alone.

Baby alligators in the nature center. They also had live snakes, a tarantula, turtles, spiders (tarantula, brown recluse, and black widow). There were a lot of things to touch and look at.

Having fun swinging on the vines. Let's get some of these at home!

We'll be back!


Alan said...

Isn't it the greatest park! We love going there too.

I'm glad you got to see alligators. Sometimes they hide or won't get close.

Dave and Sue's Blog said...

It looks like you're having a really fun summer so far!

christine said...

I absolutely loved the pictures of your camping trip. What a wonderful time you had. I love it. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday again Richard. We love you.

The Moving Circus said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I remember when we came out to swim with you guys in the morning after you camped. Miss you guys!!!

Fred said...

That looks like so much fun. In that pick of Rich and the kids at the bridge that gator is like, "I so wish I had legs long enough to jump out of the water and grab some of that meat." I had never seen fireflies until I went to the Philippines. We don't have 'em in Utah. Have a great summer.