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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Discovery Museum

These are in the children's museum (see post below). This is one of those pin-imprint-things but for your whole body. Lila is hard to see down on the right.
Magnet sculpture.
African safari presentation.

Water and sand play. The appalacian mountains are about 160 million years old! and other interesting facts found in this area. There was lots of fun stuff to do!
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Cordell said...

wish i could have gone with you guys.

Marcus said...

I too wish that.

Jinjer said...

looks like fun. It's great to see what you guys are up to.

Jim and Lori Olson said...

That looks like a fun museum. my kids all had fun looking at your pictures. we had to blow them up so they could look at them better.

Emma said...

Fun stuff. I am loving these posts!

stueckfam said...

richard, are you sure you want to be a doctor? it's not too late to consider your other options...think about it.