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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

John is Five!

On the morning of his birthday, John woke up wondering what he would be like as a five-year-old. Well, he ended up having to go to time out for something and got very reflective and said in a surprised way, "I'm pretty much the same as when I was four." He still tried to notice differences in himself throughout the day. He found that he was the same in most every way as the day before, just maybe "a tiny bit stronger." He had a party at Chuck E. Cheese with a few friends the Saturday before.

Carson came in from Lewisburg!

My friend Dania volunteered to help me make a cake. She loves working with fondant, so I got a lesson in cake decorating. This is the Diego adventure cake that we spent too much time making.
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Emma said...

Looks like so much fun. Happy Birthday to John! That cake is amazing. Love you guys.

The Ostler Family said...

Love the cake, looks really good!!

Fred said...

What a cake!!

hollyollie said...

Happy Birthday, John! Sounds like you're much more mature than 5. Jennie, awesome cake decorating skills!

Jim and Lori Olson said...

Happy Birthday John Boy! We miss you.